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Austin, Texas


From cutting-edge social media guidance to traditional print services, we offer sophisticated marketing tailored for small business entrepreneurs.


 "Content" is the marketing industry term for all the original human thoughts that make social media platforms worthwhile, like clever sentences, delightful diagrams, and funny or helpful videos. Ironically, because of incredible technology, businesses need incredible amounts of things that only human brains - creative, linguistic, intuitive - can craft. Without strategic content telling your brand's story, all the social media networks in the world won't be able to grow your business.


My Immigrant MBA

My parents were pretty heartbroken that I decided not to go to MBA school after being accepted at UT McCombs. Due to the high cost of business school, I nervously decided to start my first business without it. To my delight, it turns out that everything I needed to know, I already learned growing up as a first generation American.

Networking WELL: Immigrant tips before next week's launch party

Ivy Le

 Click here to RSVP.

Click here to RSVP.

Thank you to all those who have RSVP'd to the 9Terrains official launch party Thursday, June 20, 2013 and invited your friends. As excited as I am to share this milestone with you, I'm more excited for everyone to meet each other! 

One of the crucial things that keeps entrepreneurs from reaching their potential is a lack of a rich, supportive, diverse network. Lucky for y'all, I watch how my family networks the right way, the way immigrants have been doing since long, long before social media:

  1. Be nice! Many immigrants have stopped to help me when I've gotten lost abroad, whether or not they think that I can return the favor in the future. At the party, if you feel awkward, go find someone else who feels awkward and drink about it together. 
  2. Ask questions! It seems my parents knows the profession, religion, number of children and the children's ages and marital statuses of every Vietnamese American in Texas. Good questions to ask at the 9T launch include "Where did you move to Austin from?" and "Did you read Ivy's last Austin Chronicle article? Me neither." People let you be nosy if they know you're trying to...
  3. ...Create connections! The reason my parents know everyone's marital status is to make connections. They'd do the same if you were looking for work. 
  4. Share information! Be sure to exchange contact info and learn from each other. Successful immigrant groups don't think of each other as competition, even if someone else wants to open the exact same business. The goal is to improve your whole community, and sharing information helps smooth the road for the people who come after you. 

People who RSVP to the launch party will get $5 off business cards if they order by Thursday June 13, 2013. They'll be ready for you to network with - the right way - at the party!  Just shoot us a message about what you need on your card!