Social media campaigns to influence the outcome of a vote is fundamentally different from marketing to consumers. You don’t need 1 million likes; you need 500 voters who will turn out even in July.

We untangle complicated issues into straightforward content – such as maps and infographics or thoughtful answers to citizens’ concerns posted on your issue’s Facebook page – that will educate, engage, and ultimately empower your audiences, whether they are reporters, voters, or government officials.


We deploy well-trained, well-equipped teams to supplement yours during high-stakes events, such as trade shows, corporate meetings and product launches.

We help event organizers and marketers strategize social media before an event, create and manage content live (from 140 characters to 2-minute videos) at the event, and hand over all the added value for the post-event conversation.  We parachute in and out, so your people can focus on the face-to-face interaction you came to the event to get.


You can be a subject matter expert, but no one will know unless you have a presentation to share. We distill your brilliance into a polished  Slideshare or Prezi that supports you, not distracts from you.

We can help at any stage: from outlining and speechwriting to speaker training to polish your talk. We can even help you plan how to promote it. You’ll be ready for fifteen minutes of TED Talk fame before you know it.


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