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Austin, Texas


From cutting-edge social media guidance to traditional print services, we offer sophisticated marketing tailored for small business entrepreneurs.


 "Content" is the marketing industry term for all the original human thoughts that make social media platforms worthwhile, like clever sentences, delightful diagrams, and funny or helpful videos. Ironically, because of incredible technology, businesses need incredible amounts of things that only human brains - creative, linguistic, intuitive - can craft. Without strategic content telling your brand's story, all the social media networks in the world won't be able to grow your business.


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Social Media Strategy

We plan and execute your social media strategy for you, so you can focus on your business.

9Terrains' Social Media Approach

Everyone seems to say social media was made for small business, but few actual business owners have the time to learn the ins and outs of a medium that was only recently invented. We offer practical guidance and even do it for you, so you can concentrate on your customers.


Consult with us.

We’ll talk about your business goals, how social media could help, and whether the advantages of social media are worth your resources right now - for free.

Pick your services.

Take inventory of what you already have in the way of software, relationships, plans, and sales and marketing tactics. 

Crash Course Training and Set-up Session

In 2-3 hours, 9Terrains can equip you with

  • how to use Twitter and LinkedIn for professional networking 
  • how to separate your personal and your business accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Slideshare, etc.)
  • what makes a good post
  • and all on your own personal devices, which you'll bring to the session.

Advocacy Engagement

Social media campaigns to influence the outcome of a vote is fundamentally different from marketing to consumers. You don’t need 1 million likes; you need 500 voters who will turn out even in July.

We untangle complicated issues into straightforward content – such as maps and infographics or thoughtful answers to citizens’ concerns posted on your issue’s Facebook page – that will educate, engage, and ultimately empower your audiences, whether they are reporters, voters, or government officials.

Launches and Event Content

We deploy well-trained, well-equipped teams to supplement yours during high-stakes events, such as trade shows, corporate meetings and product launches.

We help event organizers and marketers strategize social media before an event, create and manage content live (from 140 characters to 2-minute videos) at the event, and hand over all the added value for the  post-event conversation.  We parachute in and out, so your people can focus on the face-to-face interaction you came to the event to get.


Approve your custom social media plan.

Our social media plans are not merely about where you should be online and when you should be there. Most "social media gurus" give themselves a silly title after just mastering the technology, but that's just the basics.

Every social media campaign is actually a content marketing campaign, but content is the hard part. What should you say? How should you say it: with what words, sounds, or images? Why are you saying it? Who is speaking on your company's behalf, anyway, and what should that person's voice convey?

Constantly Evaluate.

Social media is part art, part science - just like the rest of your business! We believe in measuring results and correcting the course regularly.